GelcoPEP® collagen peptides for every need

GelcoPEP® collagen is indicated for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and many more industries.


Specially developed to meet industry requirements, with certified quality.


Company certified in the Clean Label® Project, one of the strictest US regulations.


The GelcoPEP® Industry

GELCO GELATINAS DO BRASIL is a company of the GELCO INTERNATIONAL Group. Manufacturer of food gelatine for the soft and hard capsule market since 1970, and GelcoPEP® collagen peptides since 2014.


Gelco International


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Our processes are carried out in accordance with the most demanding quality and safety standards

Solutions for all segments

GelcoPEP® is a natural, healthy ingredient with infinite functionalities and applications, meeting all the needs and requirements from different segments.

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GelcoPEP® is a collagen peptide obtained naturally by the extraction of bovine hides, produced through processes that guarantee a protein of low molecular weight, digestible and bioavailable in the organism with a variety of potential health and beauty benefits.


Natural and versatile ingredient, GelcoPEP® has a neutral flavor and odor, allowing the creation of clean label products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check below the frequently asked questions we receive and clear all your doubts.

Does Gelco International market GelcoPEP® collagen peptides to end consumers (B2C - (Business to Consumer))?icon

Gelco International markets its products only to companies (B2B – Business to Business). However, our ingredients are found in several products from partner companies.

Can collagen peptides be consumed daily?icon

Replacement of our body's natural collagen is recommended from the age of 30 by using products that contain collagen peptides in their formulation. The daily intake of the product is recommended for obtaining the benefits.

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 collagen?icon

Collagen types are a biological classification. Type I collagen makes up more than 90% of the organic mass of bones and it is also the main component in skin, tendons and ligaments. Type II collagen is the main collagen present in cartilage. GelcoPEP® consists of type I collagen peptides.

What is the amino acid composition of collagen peptides?icon

Collagen peptides have the essential and non-essential amino acids needed by our bodies, with the exception of tryptophan. Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are three of the other amino acids present and they help the body synthesizing the ingredient.

What are collagen peptides for?icon

The main function is to provide firmness and elasticity, fighting skin sagging and ageing. It also contributes to mobility and strengthening of hair and nails.

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